Thursday, August 07, 2008

My Clown ..... He's Gone.

Do you ever do something and as soon as you've done it you wish you didn't? Or are you one of those people who spend years hoarding 'stuff', then one day decide to have a huge clean out, only to realise you've gone overboard with the clean out??

I've gone through huge 'clean outs' in the past but the last time I did it I eventually regretted getting rid of one particular item. I guess it usually happens that you regret giving away or throwing away some things but you get over it and tell yourself 'it's all for the best'. And even more so it's bound to happen when you're trying to be ruthless.

Here is a photo of a clown planter I painted over 30 years ago. During my early years at RMIT I found work painting decorative plaster statues of various personalities including a range of clowns. Money earned from this work eventually helped me purchase my very first painting from an exhibition at a local art gallery. Before I ceased this work I selected this clown to paint and keep as a memento of my time in painting these personalities .... also to keep as a nice heirloom which would one day be handed down to grandchildren.

I kept my clown on display for years and it would even 'accompany' me on occasions when work would take me away from home. My clown would make hotel rooms seem more homely.

Perhaps he's not the most prettiest looking object, and not necessarily a 'treasure' but he was a happy fellow who brightened things up and a memento of a certain era of my life. Anyhow, in my desperate madness to ruthlessly clean out as much as possible he was sent to the 'sale' bin. I put him up for auction on eBay and sold him ........ Oooh what an awful feeling of regret. But it was too late - he was sold and gone forever. If I had a cooling off period I may have changed my mind but unfortunately I only realised my regret once he was sold.

At least I have these photos as a reminder ..... and maybe ... well just maybe, it's all for the best ...?

Ciao for now from Elena Perrotta
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