Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Inside The Treasure Chest

Oooh, don't you just love digging out long 'lost' treasures? There's not a whole lot to show you this time around - I picked these out to photograph because I wore them regularly many years ago. The long strand of pearls on the top right and the short pearl necklace on the left belonged to my mother .... until I 'borrowed' them ......permanently :)
Some of the other pieces were gifts from special friends and a couple were found while fossicking through opp shops. The bracelets with turquoise and coral stones were worn so much that the closure clips don't stay closed any more. I tried them on but the bracelets would just undo and fall as I moved around. I don't think I could throw them out though ... they'll be one of those things that get stored away again until I can think of a use for them or find a way to fix them.

Ciao for now from Elena Perrotta
EP Designs