Monday, October 06, 2008

More Treasures Rediscovered

Flowers, Plumes and Trinkets!

The best thing to do would be to find a nice ornate treasure chest to store all the bits and pieces I find that I simply can't part with. Oh I'm so sentimental ..... a day will come when I'll just give them away. I do that sometimes. I keep things for so long and then it's 'goodbye', lol.

I love the blue plume in the tiny blue bottle. It's not an ink pot but a gorgeous little perfume bottle from Israel. The pink trinket container sits on one of my recreated coasters - It's not a long lost treasure but looked nice in this setting. As you may have noticed over the last few posts I seem to have a liking for small items and miniatures ..... just as well, if they were large items I'd have trouble storing them.

Well, I'm off to search for a treasure chest.

Ciao for now from Elena Perrotta
EP Designs