Monday, September 01, 2008

Little Treasures Re-discovered

Miniature collectables or dust gatherers? After my last major clean out where I went too far I decided to take some time to 'think' about what goes out next. These are just a few rediscovered treasures which have been in hiding. Occasionally when I tidy up and can't decide what to do, or where to put certain things they usually end up in a bag or drawer or box. The only thing is they end up staying there for ages, sometimes years before I find them again.

These miniatures are not items of any great value except that they are sentimental in some ways. The little pink & gold Limoges teapot was given to me by a very dear friend; the other items are mementos from overseas trips. The milk jug cover is something I bought for myself a few years ago but have never used it..... Well it's out now so it will be put to use finally.
I'm still moving things about the house so will post a few more rediscovered treasures over the coming days.

Ciao for now from Elena Perrotta
EP Designs