Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pin / Brooch Cushion Cups

Pin cushions in a silver cup, goblet, bowl or drinkware were a popular little item at my EP Designs Sales a few years back. All silverware that was in good condition remained silver, those in need of a new look were recreated first with my painted finishes before the cushion & embellishments were added. I didn't think to photograph all my work back then but here is one design I managed to photograph. A couple more designs will be on view at my EP Designs blog.

The rosette with bow and beaded tassel were hand made to suit the design; plus the crushed velvet panne with braid trim add to a classic regal look for the pin cushion. It's one of those items which could be used as a stylish sewing accessory, or for storing your brooches & hat pins. Either way it makes a lovely little item to place on a dresser or side table ...... and of course, you have another recreated treasure to proudly display.

Ciao for now from Elena Perrotta
EP Designs