Friday, May 01, 2009

Show and Tell - Pink Dish

This delightful little pink dish sits on a small bench in my room. It once belonged to a very dear friend of mine. My friend - Joy - had the dish placed on a side table next to her big comfy lounge chair - many times quietly sitting there to pray.

Joy would sometimes tell me how this dish would remind her of me, so she would pray for me. It's a pretty dish and her knowing about the creative work I did imagined it was one of my own creations. It wasn't of course, but it was enough for her to think of me and pray. Even when she was ill and suffering awfully, she would offer it up and continue to pray for her family, friends and anyone who came to mind.

This dear friend was called home to Jesus in August 2006. A simple housewife, whose love and devotion to Jesus led her through an amazing journey in life. A woman of great faith and God was able to use her powerfully to do His work.

I miss my dear friend Joy as she was like a second mother to me. This pink dish was given to me by her daughter Maree, also a dear friend of mine who knew how her mother would pray for me each time she laid eyes on it.
It reminds me of my dear friend and of how, even in her moments of darkest suffering, would pray for others. Friends like this are very special.


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Ciao for now from Elena Perrotta
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