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The Repozitory has built up an amazing collection of articles written by Aussie authors. Most of them are WAHMs so this article caught my eye - "5 Must Dos for Work-At-Home-Mums".

Written By: Mary-Lou Halvorson it is well worth reading and thinking about. These are simple things to do, yet we usually forget about ourselves until something goes wrong with our health. Yet simple thing like these "Must Dos" could help us to avoid getting stressed out & run down. I hope you enjoy the article......

A work-at-home mum's biggest challenge is maintaining a balance between running her successful business and raising her children. Who doesn't want their business to succeed? Who doesn't want financial independence?
We want to make a difference, experience personal fulfillment and use our skills. But we also want to be there for our children. What we need to accept is that we can have both. Grab the opportunity to make a huge difference in the world and to be a great positive influence in our children's lives.
We can inspire our children to be proactive by showing them how it's done. If we want them to experience the best of life, accepting challenges and rewards as they arise, we can be an example with our own lives. Show them how to live their life to the fullest, to experience joy, fun, and personal satisfaction.

My 5 Must Do's for maintaining balance when operating your home-based business:Look After Your Physical Health

Balance is constantly a work in progress for a work-at-home mum (WAHM). You need to keep in mind the basics. The first is to take care of yourself and your health. You are not valuable to anyone if you you haven't got good health. This means taking care of the simple things, for example:
* Start the day with a healthy nutritional breakfast
* Exercise regularly
* Get enough sleep
If you feel rested and you're in a good frame of mind, your productivity will be higher.

Take Time Out

Don't spend all your time running around after everyone else and have nothing left for yourself. Make time for yourself. Include in your schedule time to just relax and process what needs to be done. Write a 'To Do' list and prioritise it. This may need to be done several times during the day as different projects arise.
Get Support
Without support, its easy to feel overwhelmed and sometimes isolated. Having supportive, healthy relationships is essential for maintaining balance and creating success.
Ask for support from family and close friends. Learn to resource support in your local area if you don't have a close family. Find ways to reduce the energy-draining tasks in your life. The Mum's school network is a great place to start.


Moral support is just as important as physical support. Networking with other work-at-home mums is a great form of moral support and inspiration. It's also a great way to foster and share ideas, hopes, and have your questions answered. You may even be able to share your own experience and answer the questions fom other mums.
It's important to have a connection with other like-minded mums. There are plenty of home-based business forums to join online. Experience the mentoring and many friendships available.

Take risks

Our roles as mums are primarily to nurture, care for and...naturally.....be cautious. Dare to challenge yourself in your business. Set your goals high but be realistic. Allow yourself to go higher than you ever imagined you could. The flipside of fear is courage. Yes, it is scary out of our comfort zone but it also presents a challenge to make a difference in what you do in your home-based business. Express who you are and what you believe in through work that is meaningful and purposeful. Follow your dream, and become a better person for the effort. The benefits of achieving your dreams and goals are invaluable.

Article Source - www.therepozitory.com.au

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Mary-Lou Halvorson is a mother of two children, the creator of groovy-kids-parties.com, and a Work-At-Home-Mum (a WAHM). Mary-Lou has successfully built her own on-line business from home, providing ideas for Children's Birthday Parties. If you would like to see how Mary-Lou built her website, read her story http://www.groovy-kids-parties.com/workfromhome.html%22%3Ehere.

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