Saturday, March 08, 2008

Open Rose Postcard

I'm not a photographer so I can't boast about taking fantastic photos. My little digital takes mainly product shots for EP Designs & sales on eBay. But I do like taking the odd shot here & there to see how they turn out. When I have my Recreated Treasures out for an Exhibition I try to put together a little scene or collective assortment of items to see if I can come up with an 'arty' shot or something interesting.

I experiment mainly to practice taking photos, to be included for the upgrading of EP Designs. I can't show you any of those just yet but here is a photo of a pretty, pink, open rose. It's not so much the flower but the colour I was wanting to use. It's not a very 'arty' shot but it was just what I was wanting to use for a postcard. I had them printed up so I could send them to customers - to be included with their purchases as a 'thank you'. The front of the postcard simply says "Just for You ..... " The back of the card has a pale grey version of the flower, with a "With Compliments" message for the customer.

Just a small, little 'something' to hopefully bring a smile to their face. The postcard, of course doesn't have my web address sprawled on the middle of the photo as seen here. (What you see is a watermark on this copy of the photo).
Do you have any little surprises for your customers? Would love to hear about your ideas.

Ciao for now from Elena Perrotta