Friday, January 26, 2007

BMN Challenge #2 Recommend a Site

This week we've been asked to find a site that we like and would recommend to our readers.

So, the one I've chosen is a gorgeous site named Make Mine Pink

I came across this site while doing research for my own business. Joyce Lucas, founder of Make Mine Pink seems to have built up a successful networking community of boutique businesses run by creative women who support & promote each other in business. Joyce Lucas' site is a place where "cottage meets chic". Here you will find a huge list of boutique stores offering an endless array of absolutely gorgeous products. Many of which have been designed & created by the women who proudly run these businesses. To participate in their community you need to be a member but there is an abundance of inspiring creativity to view, enjoy....and purchase.

So, if you are in the mood for beautiful things, make youself a cuppa ..... or pour yourself a glass of bubbly, sit back and enjoy the lovely creations.